Michigan Restaurateur Magazine

The Michigan Restaurateur is the Michigan Restaurant Association’s bi-monthly magazine providing updates on all topics of interest to the foodservice industry.  

Members can view all issues of the Michigan Restaurateur online.

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The Michigan Restaurateur is distributed to all MRA members, legislators, educators, and other key contacts in the restaurant industry.  It reaches decision makers for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, commercial and institutional cafeterias, hotels, motels, private clubs, caterers, and education centers. 

The August edition is distributed electronically to an increased list that includes non-members of the MRA.  The October edition is mailed to an increased list that includes non-members of the MRA.  


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Members of the MRA receive a free subscription to the Michigan Restaurateur magazine. Additional magazine subscriptions are available at an annual rate of $35 for non-members and $25 for members.  Call 800-968-9668 to subscribe.