About the MRA PAC

The Michigan Restaurant Association Political Action Committee (MRA PAC) is the bi-partisan political action arm of the Michigan Restaurant Association. The MRA PAC holds several events throughout the year and enables Michigan restaurateurs to become directly involved in the election process by supporting candidates who promote sound business policies for the hospitality industry. The MRA PAC, in conjunction with the MRA, promotes candidates and issues that will positively impact the hospitality industry.

Why does the restaurant industry need the MRA PAC? 

Taxes and bureaucratic red tape. It should be no surprise to you that lawmakers spend much of their time deliberating on issues that affect your bottom line. Every day, lawmakers make decisions on raising or lowering your taxes, enacting or repealing burdensome employer mandates, and promulgating unreasonable regulations. The MRA PAC is committed to electing lawmakers who will best represent our objectives – lowering taxes, repealing burdensome employer mandates, and eliminating unreasonable regulations. 

By contributing to the MRA PAC, you know that you are helping to elect legislators who support our industry. By electing lawmakers who are supportive of our industry, we can be assured that the MRA will have maximum impact in shaping policy issues in Lansing and Washington. We will be at the table when decisions impacting the hospitality industry are being made. 

What's at stake if I don't contribute? 

Higher taxes, more mandates, and more regulation. Electing pro-business lawmakers is at stake. Deciding who makes the decisions is at stake. Other organizations – namely unions and trial attorneys – are actively promoting agendas that are detrimental to the hospitality industry and the pro-business climate in this State. Those organizations are working hard to elect lawmakers who are sympathetic to their agendas. If they are successful, it will impact your bottom line.        

How will I know which candidates the MRA PAC supports? 

Every MRA member receives the Association's magazine and newsletter, which are published in alternate months. These informative periodicals offer reports on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the hospitality industry, MRA PAC fundraising updates, and election developments. In addition, the MRA PAC produces an election guide informing members on candidate endorsements. 

Prior to deciding which lawmakers and candidates to support, the MRA PAC and the MRA Government Affairs staff conduct extensive candidate reviews. The candidate reviews consist of: 
  • Researching lawmaker voting records 
  • Conducting candidate interviews 
  • Reviewing candidate responses to the MRA's candidate questionnaire 
  • Determining candidate "electability" and, 
  • Soliciting input and opinions from the MRA Membership. 

Who can contribute to the MRA PAC? 

The MRA PAC can accept voluntary contributions from owners, operators, and employees of MRA member and allied member organizations. The MRA PAC can accept personal contributions, or contributions from businesses organized as sole-proprietorships, partnerships, or LLCs (Limited Liability Companies). Contributions can be made in the form of check or credit card. The MRA PAC is prohibited by state and federal law from accepting corporate contributions. 

Under state law, single filers can deduct up to $50 ($100 for joint filers) of their annual political contributions on state income tax returns. Contributions to the MRA PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions.